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Lockdown is potentially coming to an end in the next few months (potentially being the keyword here). And with lockdown nearing the end, pressure to lose weight for that ‘post-lockdown’ body has become all-consuming.

It's not surprising that there's a surge of stress and anxiety around losing weight by June, following a whole year of people sharing how bad they feel about their lockdown bodies. What is surprising is that we are still associating health with weight loss, and promoting restrictive eating.

This is a reminder to not put pressure on yourselves right now.

Or, do anything UNSUSTAINABLE to get ‘in shape’ for when life gets back on track, if it will take a toll on your wellbeing. While it's easy to think of body and mind as two separate things, the body needs a healthy mind to function well and vice versa. You have to look at HEALTH as a whole - mentally and physically. 

Slow and steady is key.

We’ve been away from normal routine life and major social situations for about a year now so it will take trial and error to readjust back into our so-called new “normal” life. 

Plus,“HEALTHY” looks different on everyone.

It’s not a food group, it’s not a trendy workout - it’s a balance of taking care of your body, by moving, eating well and creating healthy habits.

If you have struggled to commit to your fitness or nutrition goals during this pandemic, AND want to make a change, that’s great, but please do it right. Make those changes by making sure to fuel yourself, rest, sleep, getoutside…and take care of your wellbeing.



  • Eat to low calorie extremes - a diet is not fitness!

  • Over train - you don’t need to exercise 7 days a week at home or do 10,000 steps every day.

  • Consume detox teas or juices for a week to lose fat - constantly starving yourself doesn’t bring happiness and your body is built to detox itself.


  • Eat to fuel and optimise energy – consume nutritious foods but also have a cookie when you want one, because, all foods fit in moderation.

  • Cook more at home, educate yourself on nutrition.

  • Move your body to feel good, not for punishment for what you eat

  • Drink plenty of water

  • Prioritise sleep

  • Love the body you have because it can do so much - your body is your only home.


To change your body and continuously make progress, you have to be committed to the long run. And you have to want it for yourself.

Not just for that 'post-lockdown' glow-up!


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