Results are found in the process, not the prescription

How often have you said to yourself that you were going to make a major change to your diet or lifestyle only to find that you didn’t follow through?

The one crucial ingredient that has probably been lacking for long term change is: ACCOUNTABILITY.

Someone that you are accountable to, keeps you focused on your goals and helps you actually STICK to a plan. Someone who motivates you, helps you overcome obstacles and pushes when necessary.

Many people pay for a Personal Trainer to keep them on track physically - think of Nutrition Coaching as a personal trainer who will keep you accountable for your nutrition. 

Whether you book just a Body Composition Consultation or opt for Ongoing Accountability Coaching, we address a range of areas, including nutrition and eating habits, sleep patterns, stress and energy levels, weight management and exercise. We then establish meaningful and measurable goals for each to set you up for lasting change.

REMEMBER, nobody can do a diet that works indefinitely!

The initial nutrition prescription is important, but that's not what creates success in an individual.

It's the process:


Commit to the process and you will be rewarded with the results you desire.